One Sleeve Wonder



Let’s start with how much I LOVE all of the fun top details there are these days! This look was the perfect look to explore the city of Hoboken, New Jersey. Every year for my birthday, my boyfriend, Scott and I love traveling to new cities to try new restaurants, bars, and my favorite… shopping! Last year, we went to Washington, DC and this year we decide to check out the adorable city, Hoboken.

I knew that we would be by the water at certain points and the wind would be blowing if I wore a dress or skirt. Therefore, I wanted to style an outfit with some kind of pant and these culottes were top on my list! They are comfortable + on trend, best of both worlds! As for the top, I have a secret to tell… This top is actually an off the shoulder top with two sleeves. I knew about the one shoulder trend before the look started to hit the stores, so I made this top into an one shoulder top by turning the one sleeve inside and pinning it to make it look just the way I wanted it to. Sometimes I have to get a little creative with my clothes, especially with being a stylist, I am are always thinking outside the box. Since I was wearing the long sleeve top with pants, I wanted to make it a more summer look by adding on my basket weave hat. Finally, I topped my look off with my new favorite go to cork block heels Scott got me for my birthday.

Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did and I highly suggest checking out Hoboken if you haven’t already, I nearly fell in love!


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Top – Smak Parlour | Culottes + Hat – H&M | Heels – Chloe

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Top Options

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.23.50 PM.png

Nordstrom – One Long Sleeve Split Top

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.21.01 PM.png

SheIn – One Shoulder Ruffle Top

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.29.05 PM.png

H&M – One Shoulder Ruffle Top

Bottom Options

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.32.17 PM.png

ZARA – Culottes

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.33.29 PM.png

H&M – Culottes with Side Slits

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.36.23 PM.png

Nordstrom Rack – Culottes

Block Heel Options

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.40.32 PM.png

DSW – Cork Block Heels

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.42.01 PM.png

Pelle Moda – Cork Block Heels

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.43.20 PM.png

Steve Madden – Cork / Metallic Block Heels

Hat Options

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.46.22 PM.png

Gap – Panama Resort Hat





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