Baby, let’s go to LA



Oh California, I love you! Every few months I go to LA to help buy for upcoming seasons, holidays, or special events for Smak Parlour! The last trip to LA – Katie, Abby, Katie + myself bought for the Winter/Holiday season. We spent days drooling over all the sparkly, faux fur, and metallic fashion! During the day, we usually hit up @alfredcoffee {the coolest coffee shop ever, we need one in Philly} then head to the LA Fashion District, going in and out of showrooms of the brands we carry at Smak Parlour. The nights are usually spent sipping on whiskey pineapples on some roof top discussing all the awesome stuff we just bought + ways we can continue to build our fempire.

I wanted to share a little bit of my work life with you all! Four years ago, I started at Smak Parlour… I went from being an Intern, Stylist, Visual Merchandising Manager, and now still a Manager but also a Buyer + Creative Director for Smak Parlour! I graduated college a little under a year ago and I left Smak Parlour and went to QVC to be a Host Wardrobe Stylist! I LOVED everyone I worked with + the host at QVC but my heart never really wanted to leave Smak {because I really love Abby + Katie, the customers, and everything else in between}…. but being a new graduate, it just wasn’t enough. Then, a few months later, a miracle happened and things started to heat up for Smak Parlour and they were able to steal me back at a level I could only dream of! Now I can officially say, I have my dream job and it’s only going up from here for myself & Smak Parlour {fingers crossed}!

I think it’s really important to do what you love, work hard, and say yes to most opportunities… even if it’s out of your comfort zone!

Let me know if you have any questions about what I am wore during my LA trip {it’s honestly most all from Smak} or questions in general!






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