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#SelfCareSunday just became a thing for me since the moment I received MaskerAide! I don’t know about you… but with my busy lifestyle I never give myself time to just sit back and unwind. Now, every Sunday I give myself an hour {or two} to give my skin some love, catch up on my subscriptions, and just RELAX.

For starters, I do not have the best skin, like at all! Ever since high school I struggled with acne. I am one of those girls that does not leave the house without coverup on, and very few people have seen me with a bare face (bet a lot of you didn’t know this). I have tried so many products and I am finally just at the point of excepting it… Until I tried MaskerAide and noticed a serious change in my skin!

One of my favorite products by MaskerAide is the ALL EYES ON ME hydrating eye gel patches! They brighten, hydrate, and firm under your eyes. I am currently wearing them now as I tell you about how much I LOVE them!

Another one of my favorite products is the BUBBLE BUBBLE POP! OMG gals, if you have never tried a bubble sheet mask – YOU NEED TO! It is so fun watching and feeling the bubbles fill up as the mask is on your face! I use this mask once in a while because it’s meant for a deep clean that purifies, detoxes, and leaves your skin clean + glowing!

Let’s talk about IN A CLUTCH — it is the most adorable paper clutch fill with a set of 6 sheet masks. I have not tried any of these yet BUT over the next six #SelfCareSundays I will be giving them a try! So make sure to tune into my stories every Sunday @whatwouldreado to follow along about how I feel about the masks — I already know from trying the bubbly face mask that they are going to be amazing! Make sure to follow @maskeraidebeauty too!

As if all of this feedback was not enough for you to try them… MaskerAide is also cruelty free, they love animals and are proud to be part of PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program!

Shop products NOW and give your skin the love + fun it has been missing!


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