Girl, you are magic — Not me, the girl who is reading this 🙂 Yes, YOU!

Last week, I flew to Vegas to attend the WWDMAGIC trade show. I got to buy all the pretty spring/summer clothes for Smak Parlour. For those who don’t know, I am the buyer for Smak Parlour. Therefore, everything you see there, I picked it (with help from my Smak Babes) — no pressure, right?

I wanted to share all the lovely styles, trends, and colors that are coming this spring/summer and get you all as excited for warm weather as I am!

1. Silk, SILK, & more silk! I could not believe how much silk there was at the show and I love it. To me, silk makes everything look more rich and expensive. I bought a lot of adorable silk midi skirts in fun colors for Smak Parlour that is perfect for going from day to night in.

2. Animal prints! I know, I was shocked too… When I think of animal prints, I think of fall/winter but not anymore!

3. Lavender, orange, + kelly green! Those are the colors that are taking over this spring! Of course, you’ll see the other usual springy colors but a lot more of these.


Now that you know what is coming for spring/summer… I wanted to share a few cute places I highly recommend if you go to Vegas!

  1. Makers & Finders — They have the BEST housemade lavender lattes EVER! + delish small plates for breakfast and lunch.


2. Neon Museum — It’s so cool to see all of the vintage Las Vegas signs and how much they have evolved over the years. I love learning the history and puns behind a lot of them as well.


3. Retro Vegas — One of the neatest vintage shops I’ve ever been to! They have it all, from home decor, clothing, and pink refrigerators. I actually thrifted the polka dot, tulle skirt I am wearing in the picture at the top from Retro. + The shop is PINK… So it was literally love at first sight.


4. Urth Caffe — Because everyone goes…


5. Bavette’s — OMGGGGGGG, I could not say more great things about this place… It is actually one of my favorite restaurants EVER! From the aesthetic, to the DELICIOUS food, and the tasty cocktails… Every time I go there, I swear it gets better and better.

brav (1)

6. The Vegas Sign — Yes, it’s corny + cliché  but it’s a staple piece and makes a cute Instagram photo.


There are so many more cool spots that I don’t feel like adding. If you want to know more, especially about nightlife — feel free to leave a comment or send me an email! But I doubt anyone actually made it down this far anyway… LOL






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