Keep Your Eyes on the Stars







Every time I wear star prints I think of the song — Stargirl Interlude by The Weekend ft Lana Del Rey. Random, but it’s true. Hands up & Shrugs*

If you haven’t noticed already… This is a go-to look of mine. A tee paired with a midi skirt + leather jacket. There is nothing I love more than fun tees — band tees, plain tees, printed tees, tees with sayings, & yes, you get it. I get my tees from all over but most of my tees I get are from Target, Smak Parlour, & Old Navy! The Blondie tee I am wearing here is from Smak Parlour and it’s one of my favorites + the colors paired perfectly with my skirt from SheIn.

I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw it because it has everything I love all in one… Stars, cheetah, yellow, glitter, pleats & ruffles! I think SheIn thought of me when they made it 😉

Now that you know my go-to style is, what’s yours? Leave a comment + some love!

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