Support Black Female Artist

I always had a passion for art and incorporating some new art in my home has been a goal of mine. Art is powerful. The art in people’s homes tell a lot about them. People express their passions, personalties, and their interests with art. Which is why I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Black female artist {a few who I already purchased from} to expand people’s art collections and to diversify their homes.

– Reyna Noriega

– – –

  • Uzo Njoku is a visual artist working with oil paint, acrylic, and elements of collage.
  • Jade Purple Brown is an artist that uses strong figures, vibrant colors, and messages of optimism to create new, dynamic worlds of individuality and empowerment.
  • Aleea Rae is a graphic designer by profession and an Illustrator by passion.
  • Melissa Koby is spreads love with illustrations and makes art inspired by people and plants.
  • Chantell Marlow is a visual designer specializing in branding, illustration, and packing design.

Support, follow, purchase, and get to know these creative women— not just today but every day.

I’ve heard it numerous times, but change starts within your home. I want my future children to grow up and see, ask questions, understand + love all people of color. Beyond what I tell them and what they learn, I feel like growing up with diverse art will be another way for them to be constantly reminded + inspired to want and seek a better, more equal future.

As “trends” fade— much like this movement, art is forever.


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