Char{coal} For Christmas

Turns out getting coal for Christmas isn’t so bad! Charcoal is a classic color to have in your wardrobe— it honestly never goes out of style. This perfect shade of gray pairs so well with color, neutrals, and also makes a great monochromatic look! It’s not too late to add some charcoal pieces to your holiday list or pick a few styles to gift.

Charcoal looks good in everything— handbags, winter coats, nail polish, and even joggers! Below I pulled my favorite pieces that I wish were hanging in my closet. I may grab a few, just don’t tell Scott {my fiancé, for those who don’t know}. I especially have my eye on that charcoal and gold YSL— I love the contrast of the charcoal and gold together. What’s your favorite piece?

If you have any questions about sizing or styles— please send me an email here and I will be happy to assist you! I hope you all have the happiest holidays!

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